Saturday, August 10, 2013

Box Frites Food Review

Baseball is baseball; but concessions are a whole other ballgame. One of my favorite things to do at Nationals Park is stroll up to the Mezzanine Level and visit Box Frites for my latest potato fix. Smart packaging and superb service (thank you Tysheana!) keep me coming back for more, despite a hefty price tag ($7.75 for a large box) and relatively ordinary fries.

Don't get me wrong: The fries here are still plenty good, especially when married with one of five trademark sauces (including a smokey bacon aioli that's darn tasty.) Last night, I went with chipotle ketchup which carries a serious kick... transforming the ordinary into something quite extraordinary. Gourmet hot dogs and oh-so-hip sweet potato fries (do folks really think they're healthy?) are also available; but I like to keep things simple. And what's more simple than thick-cut Idaho fries?

One thing worth mentioning: The service here (and throughout all of Nationals Park for that matter, especially on the Club level) has improved dramatically. It's amazing how much a kind word or two can matter, even on top of paying almost 10 bucks for a sliced-up spud. Peel on!