Sunday, August 25, 2013

Booeymonger Hamburger Food Review

Booeymonger is usually where I go for turkey burgers; but I couldn't live with myself having not reviewed their standard hamburger... especially when you consider there's nothing standard about paying only $6.25 for a big burger, potato wedges and pickle (even if I don't eat the pickle.)

Evidently, I was all about change yesterday: Not only was I skipping my beloved turkey burger... I was also "stepping out" on Booey's Friendship Heights location in favor of their two-floor digs in downtown Bethesda. Sunday afternoons = small crowds; but the nearby Round House Theatre was hosting an afternoon matinee, and the downstairs dining room (and outdoor patio) were just about full when we left.

Service was solid, but I still have a hard time wrapping my head around the notion that hot wings take a minimum of 20-25 minutes to prepare: This is supposed to be fast food, is it not? So much for wings. That said, I was plenty impressed with my burger. Kudos for properly cooking it to my MEDIUM specifications, and they provided four tomato slices (excess is good.) The bun looks beautiful, but it literally overwhelms the burger itself. My wedges were slightly overdone: About 20 seconds less in the fryer, and we're talking about a home run.

The burger is hearty and wide; but you get the feeling that it's smaller, inside all that bread. As at most places, the meat could use salt and pepper (and probably some red onions... that's my mistake.) Overall, quite satisfying (especially when you consider how affordable it is.) Score another one for the great Booeymonger chain.

Atmosphere: B (Well-designed. I especially like the outdoor patio.)
Burger: B- (Could benefit from a smaller roll)
Fries: B- (A tad overdone, and I could always use more.)
Service: B- (Solid, but not as friendly as Friendship Heights.)
Value: B+ (You can always find a good deal at Booey's)
Overall: B (Tiny hiccups, but not enough to derail an otherwise fine meal.)