Friday, July 5, 2013

The Original Pancake House Food Review

The Works... Pancakes shown below

Who doesn't like a good pancake? The Original Pancake House in Bethesda, Maryland serves a ton of them, especially over the weekend. I visited the day after the Fourth of July; but there was still a crowd... even after 1:00 in the afternoon.

Crowd or no crowd, I was quickly seated and able to give my order straight away to a polite server. I ordered The Works (two eggs scrambled, two strips of bacon, Hash Brown potatoes and a neat stack of three Buttermilk pancakes) for $10.75 with a small Coke (an additional $2.25.) My table was clean & tidy, complete with a full condiment station... perhaps too full, I spotted crayons. Yikes, kids! Thankfully, I didn't see (or more importantly hear) any until I was about to leave.

Pancakes! Part of The Works

My plates arrived super fast... Eggs, hash & bacon on one, with a smaller, separate plate for my hotcakes (smart.) Everything looked nice, but my hash was overdone (and tasteless... Salt, please!) Eggs were nice & fluffy; but once again, I had to reach for the salt shaker. On the other hand, the bacon was thick, salty & cooked perfectly. My server came by to check on me, but caught me mid-bite. Cheers for being nice, but please work on your timing.

I eat one item at a time, and left the pancakes for last. Mine were heavy and cake-like, compounded by an overtly sweet syrup: They immediately sank to the bottom of my stomach. $13.78 + a $4.22 tip works out to $18, an awfully expensive breakfast... but that light feeling in my wallet was eased some by a hearty good-bye (and kind small talk) by both attentive hostesses at the door. A little bit of good customer service goes a long way in my book.