Thursday, July 18, 2013

Subway Food Review

Prime Rib Melt sandwich

Subway, bless their hearts is as close to "safe dining" as you can get. There was a time when I had either a chicken breast or turkey Subway sandwich every weekday for close to a year. Yikes! I called it my boring period (coincidentally one of my healthiest too.) Nowadays, I visit about once every other week... but rarely for anything new or delicious.

Enter the Prime Rib Melt, advertised as "tender & juicy." Consider my interest peaked. It's conspicuously absent from Subway's website, so I'm assuming it's some sort of limited edition/test sandwich (the cashier rang it up as a steak & cheese for $4.75.) I visited the Mazza Gallerie franchise (the only Subway I bother going to anymore) and ordered a 6" version on Italian bread (with my usual... lettuce, three tomatoes and hot peppers.) Service down the line is quick and efficient, with a few familiar (and smiley) faces.

I normally opt for flatbread, but Prime Rib sounds like it needs something a bit more substantial. Subway's Italian bread is... boring and tasteless, even when toasted: I wish they would change all of their breads. Toppings often seem a day or so past fresh, don't you think? The meat looked real good, thick cubes of beef that failed to heat properly during the 30 seconds or so of toasting. Taste-wise, I may as well have been eating chicken... there's absolutely nothing unique about its taste (marinade anyone?)

I'm careful not to ask for too much (nothing bothers me more than a greedy customer... "Gimme more of those," and "gimme more of those too!") but it's hard to get excited over a sandwich that's almost all bread. I suppose the cheese I always skip, would help; but how much? Subway has (and always will be) a boring sandwich. Prime Rib sounds good in theory, but in Subway's predictable hands... quickly becomes more of the same.