Friday, July 12, 2013

Steam Cafe & Pizzeria Food Review

A nice thing happened on the way to the DCJCC for the Woody Allen Fest last night: I discovered Steam Cafe & Pizzeria. Neatly nestled at the corner of 17th & R Streets, NW, Steam Cafe makes a great first impression; and thanks to a solid slice (or two) a welcome addition to our restaurant rolodex.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a comforting cafe atmosphere amidst the hustle and bustle of a busy area for foodies. Calming music and a dark, almost romantic mood encourage long stays (with free wi-fi, as evidenced by the half-dozen customers with laptops.) You order at the front counter; and as I wrestled with $14.99 full pie options... I turned and noticed single slices (Awesome!) $8.99 got me two slices of pepperoni and a can of Crush orange soda.

Most of the surrounding restaurants offer outdoor dining, and Steam Cafe is no exception... although it's on an admittedly smaller scale: The staff even deliver your food to your seat (indoors or out.) Five minutes later, my hot pizza arrived straight to my (clean) table. They forgot my soda, but the manager/owner apologized when I let him know. A glass with ice and a straw made an even better impression. The pizza was very good, hot and nicely sized. I wasn't in love with the cheese topping; but the pepperoni had a good taste, and I really dug their distinctive, almost buttery crust. Nice crunch. The sauce was fine, but I would have liked more.

This area just east of Dupont Circle has never impressed me, but Steam Cafe provides an affordable, comfortable choice for visitors like me. See you soon.

Atmosphere: B (Nice surprise)
Crust: B (Nice & thin with a hint of butter)
Toppings: C
Service: B
Value: B (Even better, considering I was ready to drop $15 on a full pie that I would have never finished.)
Overall: B (Good pizza. Even better atmosphere.)