Monday, July 22, 2013

Quiznos Food Review

Quiznos will always hold a special place in my culinary heart: After all, they were the first to toast their sandwiches... long before Subway hopped on the bus. They were expensive too... but provided a welcome break to the McDonald's/Subway routine around 19th & L Streets, downtown. Nowadays, they remain pricey, but the owner of the Van Ness location at 4481 Connecticut Ave., NW always takes care of us. They also make a mean French Dip... one of the few places in town that gets it right.

This particular franchise is tiny but tidy, with a half-dozen tables inside (and a couple outdoors.) It's great to visit on a lazy Sunday afternoon... and close to my aunt Nessa, who loves the place too. I ordered a regular sized French Dip sandwich (for $7.29) with tomatoes and au jus only. I took a pass on the Mozzarella, Roasted Bell Peppers & Onions, and Mild Peppercorn Sauce it normally comes with. Sue me, I'm simple.

I'm a huge fan of Quiznos' prime rib. It bursts with flavor all by itself (try finding that at Subway or Potbelly.) I usually have it on flatbread, but opted for Italian White today. The extra crunch came in handy. Even better, I had a coupon: Join the Quiznos Q Club and get a free soda and chips with a purchase of a regular or large sandwich. I was able to add a bag of Lays Kettle Cooked 40% less fat, Applewood Smoked BBQ chips & a medium drink (SoBe Lean Diet Cranberry Grapefruit... yum!) for nada (that's a savings of $2.88. Score.)

Best of all, service is fast and friendly: I don't think I'd eat there very often, were it not for the franchise owner who truly gets customer service. In between taking orders, making sandwiches and working the cash register... the same guy makes a point of cleaning tables and chairs in quick order. I don't mind paying an extra buck or two to eat in a place like that: I doubt you'd mind either.