Monday, July 1, 2013

Extreme Pizza Food Review

8" Indee with sausage

Extreme Letdown

Just a stone's throw away from the Pentagon City Costco sits Extreme Pizza, a "fast" food pizzeria on South Fern Street. With no shortage of competition (California Pizza Kitchen, Costco & Pentagon City Food Courts) Extreme Pizza had better live up to its name: Unfortunately, the only thing extreme here, is the disappointment you're likely to find over the food.

At first glance, Extreme Pizza looks like a surefire hit. The new space is spotless and surprisingly spacious, with flat screen TVs and private restrooms equipped with Dyson hand dryers. Service is gracious (cheerful greeting) and the menu relatively extensive. I came for pizza, and chose the smallest of five different sizes... the oddly named INDEE, an individual 8" pie with 1 topping (sausage) for $7.15. A regular fountain drink adds just $1.65 to your total (with free refills.)

The front counter area is quite tiny, so it's important to process orders quickly. I had to wait more than 10 minutes for my one-topping pizza; during which time, several people crowded near the front door waiting for take-out orders. Service is table-side (nice) and pizzas are served on a real plate. So far, so good.

Unfortunately, the pizza itself is a hot mess. No really... the pizza arrives scalding hot: Wait at least 2-3 minutes for it to cool down, or risk burning your mouth. Everything about this pizza screams "cookie cutter." The crust is pre-made, thick and doughy (but at least, well cooked.) It has two different cheeses, both gooey; as well as an admittedly zesty sauce yet boring, no-flavor, out-of-the-bag sausage. If McDonald's made pizza, this is probably what it would look like: You could order this pizza 100 different times, and it would always look the same.

I barely finished one of four slices: Except for the sauce, the pizza tastes pretty awful. I dumped the rest, walked away unsatisfied and disappointed at what could have been. I spent less than 10 bucks, but still felt cheated. That can't be good, can it?

Atmosphere: B (I imagine it gets very crowded with carry-out customers at peak hours; but the space is immaculate and inviting.)
Crust: D- (Either make it fresh, or buy better quality)
Toppings: D+ (Good sauce, but cheese and sausage are miles away.)
Service: B- (Friendly, but food takes awhile.)
Value: D- (Price is OK, but I tossed away 3/4 of my pizza.)
Overall: D (Space is great, but namesake pizza is really bad. How do you come back from that?)