Thursday, July 11, 2013

2Amys Food Review

2amys - Tomato, fresh mozzarella

2Amys Neapolitan Pizzeria is hands down one of, if not the most popular pizza joints in DC. It's always full... even earlier tonight at 9:30 (after a pretty severe thunderstorm in town.) I've been here a few times, but don't care for the noise (You should have heard it tonight.) And therein lies the beauty of carry out. I was able to truly enjoy a 2Amys pie for the first time ever: Who knew, all I had to do was eat it at home?

I ordered the Macomb Street institution's starter pie, appropriately named 2amys. It's as basic as you get... crust, fresh mozzarella and tomato sauce (and a bargain at just $9.95.) I was told to pick it up in 10-15 minutes; and true to their word, my pizza was ready when I arrived less than 20 minutes after my phone call.

As mentioned earlier, 2Amys was packed: Not a table to be found. I got the host's attention, and she directed me to the back where a friendly server greeted me and ran my credit card near the pass. After some polite small talk, he presented me with a plain brown pizza box and a sincere thanks/good night. I got home with a purpose (9 minutes flat... top that Usain Bolt!) and found a beautiful, yet simple pizza. Let the devouring begin.

The mozzarella was indeed fresh, not to mention scrumptious. I found the sauce to be rich and zesty (and surprisingly, the right amount... At first glance, I thought it needed more.) 2Amys' crust is Heaven-sent, although it wasn't sliced (oops.) Normally I'd take it into my kitchen and slice it myself, but... who's kidding who? I began feeding straight away.

It's not the best in town (perhaps top 5, although I can't imagine dining in.) It's downright affordable (the priciest pie on the menu is $13.95) and almost worth the hype.

Atmosphere: D (Clean, but crowded and NOISY!)
Crust: B+ (Love those char marks)
Toppings: B+ (Simple, but oh so good.)
Service: B
Value: B+
Overall: B (I can overlook an unsliced pizza, but one of DC's loudest restaurants holds this pie from "top dog" status.)