Sunday, June 2, 2013

Wingo's Food Review

Wingo Burger

Ask anyone in or around Georgetown University (and GW too) about Wingo's, and you'll likely receive a myriad of opinions... most all of them good. Housed in a tiny, somewhat suspect space at 3207 O St., NW, just off Wisconsin Ave., Wingo's is a college student's mecca. Thanks to a killer deal from Eat24, I decided to order some delivery... avoiding a three mile hike in the process.

For starters, shout out to Eat24's delivery process in general. My food took 58 minutes from the time I entered it online, until it arrived at my door... yet my food tasted hot out of the oven. As if that weren't enough, I earned 20% ($3.20) for my first order and an additional $3 for a coupon I found online. That's a total of $6.20, more than enough to take care of the $1.50 delivery charge and 20% tip ($3.14.) An order of 5 Southern Fried Jumbo Chicken Legs and a Wingo Burger (both with potato chips) wound up costing me $15.85 out of pocket. Incredible.

Southern Fried Jumbo Chicken Legs (5 Pcs)

As for Wingo's food... Three cheers! The Black Angus burger was big (looked like more than 8 oz.) and juicy with a ton of toppings and the welcome addition of A1 sauce in place of ketchup. You can get fries and a drink for another $3, but I already had a ton of food as it was. The only negative was that my bun wasn't grilled (hardly a game breaker.) Surprisingly good quality... especially for delivery.

Wingo's wasn't lying when they described their chicken legs as jumbo: They're huge. Five of them could easily feed two people. The meat was cooked perfectly... done all the way through, but still moist. The batter is delicious, crispy and full of flavor. If I had guests coming from South Carolina or Texas, I wouldn't be ashamed to serve them Wingo's. < That's a serious endorsement!

Delivery food usually sucks: Let's face it, you have to be really hungry to order it. Wingo's just jumped to the front of my carryout/delivery rolodex (with a big asterisk by it, to remind me to order it through Eat24.)

Burger: B (A1 sauce makes a world of difference.)
Chicken: A- (Monster size legs that stay moist, despite 3-mile journey wrapped in foil.)
Fries: N/A
Value: A- with coupons, B without.
Overall: B