Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wicked Waffle Food Review

Sweet Waffle with Chocolate

Wicked Sweet

I suppose it was only a matter of time before sandwiches made their way to waffles (or vice versa.) Wicked Waffle offers a nice selection of sweet & savory bites, from rare roast beef to bacon, egg and cheese and strawberries in between... all on freshly made waffles. It's enough to make you forget about syrup forever.

Wicked Waffle occupies a stylish, yet small space at 1712 I Street, NW, next door to Loeb's NY Deli. After an intense, but genuinely friendly greeting, I placed an order for a Sweet Waffle with chocolate (and powdered sugar.) It takes a good five minutes (or more) to prepare, but $4.75 + tax later, I was chowing down on an original and sweet dessert.

The space is comfortable and affords a nice view of bustling downtown (great for people watching... on a budget.) There's also a few tables outside, but it was 90 degrees (and Petey no likey the heat.)

There's a bit too much chocolate (melted chocolate has a strong flavor) but the overall taste and artistic presentation are top notch. I turned down whipped cream, but began to regret it afterwards. It's reasonably sweet, pretty delicious and just the right amount. You can grab a coffee, soda or fresh squeezed lemonade; but I settled for a cup of complimentary water (they also have an ice bucket... nice touch.) I look forward to returning for a Wicked Scramble (waffle and eggs) or an Egg Whites and Grilled Veggies. The choices are endless (save for butter and syrup.)

Click here for Wicked Waffle's full menu.