Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tastee Diner of Silver Spring Food Review

The Triple Play

It didn't take long to feel unwanted at the Silver Spring Tastee Diner: My hostess made sure of that. I walked in, said hello and was greeted with, "One?" One it is, as she led me into the main dining room and "dumped" me in a corner next to a family of three in deep conversation. Before I could ask for one of several empty booths, she dropped the menu on the table, turned and walked away. Not a word. I'd have two for her... You're fired. P.S. I watched her do the exact same thing to three other customers. But I came here to eat, didn't I?

Once seated, I decided to eat and run; and thankfully my server was quick to accomodate me. I ordered the $7.95 Triple Play (yes, breakfast for dinner again) which consists of three eggs, two slices of bacon and one slice each of ham and sausage: You may know it by its other name... a heart attack waiting to happen. It's conspicuously absent of potatoes and toast, so I remedied that by ordering the latter for an extra buck and a quarter. No need to order a soda, because my waitress pointed at the water and said, "Just water?" I'm comfortable with that, but where's the obvious upsell?

Side order of toast

Please allow me to interrupt my review with this bit of breaking news... the family next to me was arguing over their "$200 light bill." Evidently, the elderly mother had to get a third job because "the Jew (her words, not mine) wants his money." Don't you just love Silver Spring? And now, back to our review.

My plate arrived in just over five minutes, followed by my buttered (I thought that was strange) toast about three minutes after that. I didn't realize she had done it for me, asked for butter and she brought me two more jellies. The main plate looked and tasted fine. The ham looked good, and tasted OK. Two slices of bacon can better be described as two sticks of salt; but the sausage was generously large and oozing with flavor. Next time, I'll ask for only sausage (it's really tasty.) Eggs were... eggs. Ditto for the toast. For $8, I'd have liked a few home fries or a small slice of melon for color, if nothing else. On the plus side, my server either forgot or didn't charge me for the toast. Score! I made it up in the tip, but thank you just the same.

I can't complain about the food: I cleared my plate completely. However, the atmosphere in this diner is De-pressing with a capital D. Everyone (staff, diners, manager/owner) looked sad & unhappy. Coupled with the incredibly inefficient hostess, I couldn't imagine wanting to eat in again. Thankfully, I only had to hang around for just over 15 minutes: Yes, I eat fast. I'll stick with the Bethesda Tastee from now on.