Saturday, June 22, 2013

Quattro Formaggi Food Review

At least it's not expensive. Quattro Formaggi offers middling pizza to the masses of Olde Towne Alexandria from a well-designed space around the corner from the King Street Metro stop. You couldn't ask for a better location; but evidently that's reason enough to sit back, make average pizza and relax.

I imagine that once again, I may sound harsh and negative; but if a pizzeria can't do something to make a plain slice stand out, then it shouldn't be selling pizza to begin with. Though reasonably priced at $2, I found my slice utterly unremarkable. Thin layers of cheese & sauce battled to see who could have the least amount of flavor. The crust was thin but doughy, and rather flimsy (it's best to eat it folded, NY style.) If you're really hungry, you may not notice just how ordinary it is. Otherwise...

Service was so-so during the ordering process (you have to look through a takeout menu to see what they sell... strange) but the guy who handed me my pizza was really nice. The restaurant sweeps around a wide counter/cooking area; and the space is relatively clean. Quattro Formaggi (Italian for four cheeses) celebrates its 20th anniversary next March; but I couldn't see much in terms of personality or soul... must haves for any good Italian eatery.

Atmosphere: C+ (A bit sterile, but clean and spacious.)
Crust: C (Flimsy and doughy)
Toppings: D (As nondescript as you can get.)
Service: B-
Value: B ($4.19 including tax for a slice and a fountain drink.)
Overall: C- (The kind of place you go into, when most everything else is closed.)