Friday, June 21, 2013

No Cable? No Problem

Catch Stephen Strasburg on WUSA 9

I made the switch from cable to over-the-air free TV more than a month ago. Combined with Apple TV & Netflix, I have more than enough options to waste away my day should I decide to do so. The one negative... live sports are difficult to replace. Apple TV's recent update added WatchESPN, so I now have access to live broadcasts on ESPN, ESPN 2-3 and even ESPNU; but what about baseball? What about my Nats?

MASN, the Nats TV home partnered with WUSA 9 to simulcast 20 games on Channel 9 during the 2013 season (in HD, thank goodness.) Four games a month may not sound like much, but how many hours can you squirrel away to watch sports anyhow? Tomorrow's noon showdown with the Colorado Rockies will mark the 11th broadcast so far this year. Here's a rundown of what's left in 2013...

June 28th @ New York Mets 7:10 PM
July 4th vs. Brewers 11:05 AM
July 20th vs. Dodgers 7:05 PM
July 21st vs. Dodgers 1:35 PM
July 31st @ Tigers 1:08 PM
August 3rd @ Brewers 7:10 PM
August 10th vs. Phillies 7:05 PM
August 17th @ Braves 7:10 PM
and August 22nd @ Cubs 2:20 PM