Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Embers Grill Food Review

It's hard to argue with a hamburger and fries special for $6.99 at Embers Grill... unless you have to eat it. Located on the street level of the American Federation of Government Employees building, Embers is a garden-variety deli that wins customers over with convenience, but certainly not with its food.

Sounds harsh, I know; but if I have to eat one more flat, frozen burger patty... I'm going to scream. To make matters worse, Embers is just steps away from the Dubliner and Kelly's Irish Times, both of whom sell quality burgers for a couple dollars more. As for my Embers burger, it comes inside a nice sesame seed bun (cue end of positives.) Three tiny tomato slices and a single piece of lettuce top the disc-shaped burger which is cooked to an inch of its life. It has no taste whatsoever, eclipsed only by the horrendous fries that accompany it. I had one, before tossing the rest away: I'm guessing they change the frying oil once a week. Yuck.

There's no place to eat inside; but several outdoor tables are shaded nicely by the AFGE building, and quite comfortable. Too bad you have to eat this food there.

Atmosphere: C- (It's a relatively new space, but cramped inside.)
Burger: D (Nice bun.)
Fries: F (I ate one. One!)
Service: C- (Hard to understand, but pretty quick.)
Value: C- (Good price + bad food = below average.)
Overall: D (I suppose it's OK, if you work upstairs. Luckily I don't.)