Monday, June 3, 2013

Angelico la Pizzeria Food Review

It's been a few years since I last ate at Angelico la Pizzeria; but I had an itch for pizza and didn't feel like walking another five blocks for a superior slice at Pete's Apizza. My last experience at Angelicos wasn't a pleasant one; but a slice is a slice, right? Imagine my surprise when I opened the above pictured giant slice of pepperoni goodness.

Make no mistake: Pete's Apizza has the best slice in town... but Angelicos has improved quite a bit (at least in regards to pizza.) The dining area is still awkward (narrow, which isn't good when packed with nearby Wilson H.S. students.) There are a few seats outside, so I took advantage of the nice weather and had my order to go.

To start with, Angelicos is affordable ($3.50 for a really big slice.) Mine was cooked perfectly with a healthy amount of pepperoni, cheese and sauce. I only had to wait a couple of minutes, and received my slice piping hot. The sauce is rich, and the cheese abundant and gooey. I prefer thin crust, but this held up really well. One slice is more than enough for lunch, and could even sub for dinner under the right circumstances.

It's not quite delicious, but for Angelicos... it's a step up (and in the right direction.) I'm open to ordering a full pie with my kind of toppings (sausage, onions, red peppers) to see if they do a little better on the flavor profiles.

Atmosphere: D (Not my kind of place.)
Crust: C
Toppings: B- (No burst of flavor, but still pretty good.)
Service: B- (Not much interaction, but they're quicker than they used to be.)
Value: B+ (It's a heck of a slice for the price.)
Overall: B- (I used to hate this place... Happy to see some improvements.)