Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ted's Bulletin Breakfast Review

The Big Mark Breakfast

It took me three years to wise up and finally visit Ted's Bulletin in Barracks Row. Once inside, it took me three minutes to realize the error of my ways: Ted's serves the best breakfast in the Metropolitan area, and might just be the best casual restaurant in DC.

I fell in love with Ted's, the moment I walked in. Just a couple of blocks south of the Eastern Market Metro, Ted's stands out on an already impressive stretch of eateries along 8th Street, SE. The warm and inviting front bar and bakery gives way to a swanky dining area in the back, fitted with comfortable booths and a built-in TV that shows old movies (Today's choice? Some Like It Hot.) A host led me to a side booth in the front, where I was greeted by my server Anna a minute later.

Everything about Ted's is first class. You're served water from an attractive pitcher, that's left at the table for your convenience (they do the same thing for their shakes, only in stainless steel containers.) The newspaper menus are a nice touch; but I already knew what I wanted... The Big Mark Breakfast: 3 eggs, 2 bacon, 2 sausage, hash browns, toast and a homemade pop tart. Anna asked what flavor pop tart I'd like; and I replied, 'Surprise me.' She laughed and wound up bringing me her favorite, blueberry cheesecake. Terrific service, from start to finish.

A short wait allowed me to drink in my surroundings: This place is gorgeous. It wasn't as crowded as normal (there's usually a wait for one of the 80 seats) but even at 10:45 AM, the restaurant had a nice vibe. I love the idea of showing old movies, even if there's no sound (it can get awfully noisy, even at half-capacity.) Best of all, everyone looked happy. I got happy once my plate arrived: The food not only tastes great, but looks good too. I started with wheat toast, which may be the best I've ever had in any restaurant... It's sublime, especially when decorated with whipped butter. The eggs were nice and fluffy, although void of seasoning (keep the salt and pepper shakers handy.) The hash was extraordinary, topped only by pork sausage patties (nice kick of heat at the end) made on premises. As if that wasn't enough, it's virtually impossible to cook a piece of bacon more perfectly. Nice & salty, I could have devoured a dozen slices.

As for Anna's favorite pop tart, it's a nice touch (but not on par with the rest of the breakfast.) It looks beautiful, but tasted slightly doughy with only a hint of its promising blueberry cheesecake flavor. A glass of fresh squeezed orange juice only cinched Ted's new title of best breakfast in the area. Cost? $13.29 for a monster plate of food, and $3.29 for the juice... More than worth it. I guarantee you, it won't be three more years before my next visit: I already have eyes on the Short Rib Sammy and a Bailey’s Caramel Macchiato shake. Yum.