Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Some Things Never Change

Old Georgetown Grille is as close to culinary royalty as you're likely to find in Bethesda. This grand old dame hasn't changed much at all from the first time I visited years ago; but there's no substitute for history, and this place has its fair share.

OGG resembles an old coffee shop; but is more often described as a diner (with a bar.) It's comfortable enough, but run-down and sadly dirty in spots (my fork had a big crust of food attached to it.) The servers have been around for ages, and you couldn't ask for a friendlier lot. The menu is extensive, although you have to realize most of the food is frozen (and probably not very good to begin with.) I hadn't planned on having lunch here, but I was feeling extra sentimental today. How could I walk by, without going in?

Open-faced turkey sandwich with fries

I was warmly greeted and invited to sit wherever I liked. To their credit, it was quite busy; but these servers are first class pros, and I had a menu and soda in no time flat. You can't go right or wrong with any food choice (everything is pretty much the same, isn't it?) I took a chance on an open-faced turkey sandwich with fries (the #3.) It comes with a soda for $9.95. My table was clean, but the fork was an issue... only one napkin also, which was wrapped around the aforementioned fork. Yuck. I pinched another setting from the table next to me.

My food arrived quickly, but didn't exactly look appetizing. Everything (including the fries) was slathered in thick gravy. The turkey was thin, but there was plenty of it. It tasted as expected (so-so) and filled me just fine. I paid $15 (tip included) and enjoyed my "trip back in time." It is what it is: A good spot for weekend breakfast, or a cup of coffee and a relaxing sit. I'm just glad it's still there.