Tuesday, May 21, 2013

McGinty's Public House Food Review

McGinty's Burger

Silver Spring, Maryland has quietly become a go-to area for dining and entertainment. Concerts at the Fillmore, movies at AFI Silver, theater at the Round House. All that fun has a way of working up an appetite. Before screening The Hangover Part III, I thought it was only appropriate to visit an Irish pub (hangover, get it?) for a bite to eat. McGinty's Public House at 911 Ellsworth Drive is one of my favorite Irish bars; and judging by the crowd I saw earlier tonight, I'm not the only one.

The weather was perfect, so I asked for an outdoor table. The host was busy; but Katie (my server for the night) took me outside and set me up with a Diet Coke (I miss Guinness.) Ellsworth Drive was bustling with activity (including a special car show to promote a screening of Fast & Furious 6 at nearby Regal Cinema.) My table was clean, and I didn't have long to wait for my McGinty's Burger with french fries ($10.50.) It's an impressive looking burger (and a legit half-pounder.) I asked for MEDIUM: I got medium. Juicy too. The hand-cut fries were nice & hot... not the least bit oily. A solid B for the food.

Service was even better: Katie looked in on me three times (all perfectly timed, not mid-bite) before processing my check in record time. Her attention to detail was even more remarkable when you consider she was juggling at least half a dozen tables with expert precision. I'll be sure to ask for her station when I return. Including tax & tip, my total bill came to $18.13. Better still, I was nice and full for the movie afterwards (No popcorn. More savings!)

Atmosphere: B
Burger: B
Fries: B
Service: A-
Value: B (No complaints here)
Overall: B (Terrific service almost bumped it up to a B+)