Friday, May 3, 2013

GBD Golden Brown Delicious Food Review

Fancy Fried Chicken

I'm no expert when it comes to authentic fried chicken (I still swear by KFC) but I know the difference between good and bad. New kid on the block GBD (Golden Brown Delicious) has a ways to go before it replaces the Colonel's secret recipe; but I came away relatively impressed with my first sampling at the upstart Dupont Circle eatery.

GBD combines chicken, doughnuts and assorted sides in what can be best described as an odd pairing. The space is modern and clean... The kind of place you want to go back to again & again. Customer service was stellar; and I love how they package your takeaway in a brown "lunch box." They even have complimentary water at the bar, if you're not drinking. Coupled with a great location, the sky's the limit for GBD... assuming they get a grip on adding much-needed flavor to the chicken.

Ah yes, flavor. Fried chicken has to be crispy, juicy and spicy to work for yours truly. GBD's chicken nails two out of those three: It's wonderfully crispy and suitably juicy. Unfortunately, my drum & thigh were begging for salt. I've read similar tales of disappointment from Yelpers and bloggers alike; and I can only hope that someone at GBD heeds that advice, and adjusts the recipe (it's an easy fix.)

GBD at 1323 Connecticut Ave. (1 block south of Dupont Circle)

A Drum & Thigh Lunchbox runs $8 and comes with your choice of side and a creme fraiche biscuit. That's a bit steep, but the biscuit is to die for: It's nice and salty with a subtle taste of corn. The sides are varied (creamed kale, mac & cheese, roasted garlic smashed potatoes.) I opted for Kohlrabi Cole Slaw, which was creamy and good tasting (even though I still missed the carrots.) Toss in another drum or wing, and we're in business.

Although it's far from traditional, GBD offers basic fare that's missing from most DC restaurants. Their doughnuts left me unimpressed, but it's nice to know they're there. I'll be anxious to try their chicken again in another month or two... I'll bring a packet of salt just in case.