Saturday, May 18, 2013

Cava Mezze Grill Food Review

Chicken Pita at Cava Grill

Are you bored with Subway? Had your fill of Chipotle? Then, have I got a place for you. Cava Mezze Grill brings the Mediterranean to Tenleytown (4237 Wisconsin Ave., NW) and it's dirt cheap (not to mention delicious.)

I'm a big fan of watching someone prepare your food, and being able to pick and choose depending on the mood you're in. Cava allows that and (get ready for this) encourages you to pick more. Cava's banner service begins with a friendly associate asking, "Have you been here before?" It's a valid question, because Cava offers a lot of choices. Start with a base (pita, bowl, mini pitas or salad) protein (beef, chicken, falafel, lamb or meatballs) up to three dips/spreads and then your dressings & toppings. The combinations are endless and (once again) delicious. < Notice a pattern?

I went with a chicken pita ($7.25) and loaded it with an eggplant & red pepper spread, harissa (nice kick) and a tomato & onion salad. I think the person helping me was disappointed that I didn't want more (she asked me twice to reconsider.) I added a small soda ($1.95) and grabbed a seat by the window. The space is new and beautiful: Everything is spotless. The sandwich looks like a piece of art (gorgeous presentation) and I couldn't wait to dive in. My pita was bursting with flavor. I would have liked a bit more chicken, but it's hard to argue with near perfection. With so many choices, you could eat there every day and have something entirely different each time. It's affordable, delicious and healthy. Outdoor dining is a plus, and the staff bends over backwards to make you feel comfortable. I can't wait to go back.