Wednesday, May 1, 2013

CakeLove - Part II

Neapolitan cupcake at CakeLove

Everyone deserves a second chance, especially the area's first cupcakery. I returned to CakeLove in Silver Spring, Maryland to see if they could improve upon the Toffee Crunch I tried last November. Although I was happy to see that all cupcakes are now served at room temperature, a dry cake spelled doom once again.

It's been six months since my last visit, but I'm happy to report that customer service is still very good. Unfortunately, the shop was once again empty, and looked really run down. The floor was sticky (gross) and aside from some nice music in the background, uninviting. I ordered a Neapolitan cupcake for $3.35 (including tax.) The light (really light) icing fell apart on my first bite: I think they put too much on (their website shows much thinner layers.) The cake was bone dry. Coupled with bland icing (all I could taste was a hint of strawberry... Neapolitan should have a competition of three flavors fighting for your attention.)

As before, CakeLove's cupcakes look good... but taste badly (Not a good combination.) I wouldn't count on a third go.

Appearance: B+ (Once again, looks can be deceiving.)
Store Atmosphere: D (Nice service, but dirty floors and no customers.)
Cake: D- (Last time it was frozen: This time it's dry.)
Icing: D
Value: C-
Overall: D