Friday, May 31, 2013

Bagels Etc. Breakfast Review

#10 Breakfast Special at Bagels Etc.

Bagels Etc. at 2122 P St., NW is the kind of place that you'd love to live or work next to. This place is always busy, but they manage to get everybody in & out with a smile and unrivaled efficiency. Better yet, their wide variety of bagels (23 in all!) sandwiches, soups and breakfast specials are affordable and delicious.

The space is unique, with a couple tables in front, a few outside, a long runway to place your orders and room for a dozen or more in the back. It's not fancy, but it doesn't have to be. Orders are taken, and advice dispensed ("Get the medium, it's cheaper") in rapid succession. I enjoy watching the staff process a dozen customers in the time it takes other places to handle one or two. This morning, I went back to basics and ordered a #10, two eggs scrambled, bacon, home fries and toast (buttered.) You get all that for $4.99. Even better, someone brought my order to the back (above and beyond.)

I love the home fries here... they're never undercooked and taste great. You get three pieces of crispy, nicely sized bacon (again, cooked perfectly) and two slices of toast (buttered evenly... yet another rarity elsewhere.) Eggs are OK, but you can't expect everything to be perfect. I left full and happy, and even managed to earn a good-bye from the owner, through the sea of customers waiting to get their breakfast fix on. These guys don't miss a thing.