Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Jumbo Slice Pizza Food Review

Save the Worst for Last?

The Adams Morgan jumbo slice wars may be the most overhyped conflict in the nation's capital since the forced Beltway rivalry between the Nationals and Orioles. Tonight I visited the third (and final) contestant Jumbo Slice Pizza a literal hole in the wall, one block down from previously reviewed Pizza Boli's and Pizza Mart. After barely polishing off my third humongous slice of pizza in just over a month, all I can say is... Thank God, I'm done.

Like its aforementioned competitors, Jumbo Slice Pizza (JSP) looks and tastes the same... You have to wonder if there isn't one giant oven in "the back" for all three places. JSP is tied for the most expensive ($6) slice and has the worst interior of the trio (It's downright depressing.) It also has the distinction of being the only one to burn their slice. The cashier was nice enough, but served the pizza inside an open box... requiring me to fold it in, and close it. No big deal, but worth noting.

Sausage jumbo slice from Jumbo Slice Pizza

As far as the pizza goes, I like that JSP cooks their slices longer (it makes the cheese taste a little better.)  Unfortunately, they let it cook too long: Burn marks are never a good thing. JSP also uses the most sausage of the three, although it tastes as bland as the others. With my drinking days behind me (and these reviews in the books) I doubt I'll ever return to any of the supposed BIG three.

Atmosphere: F (I actually waited outside, so I wouldn't have to stay in the "dining area.")
Service: C
Crust: D+ (It was burned at the outer edge. Not cool.)
Toppings: C+ (Best cheese and most sausage of the lot.)
Value: B- (You get a lot for your money, but please don't burn my pizza.)
Overall: C (Jumbo slice... never more.)