Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bold Bite Dogs & Fries Food Review

Naked Burger & regular fries

Burger Afterthought at Bold Bite

I think I know why Bold Bite Dogs & Fries doesn't include burgers in its name... They're not very good. That probably sounds harsh, but I like to think of myself as a bit of a burger connoisseur; and my patience occasionally grows thin when tasting subpar hamburgers. The burgers at Bold Bite are sadly subpar.

To be fair, Bold Bite sells itself as a hot dog joint, but they list burgers on their awning (along with salads... can you imagine?) I walked into the brightly lit, bustling space at 4901-B Fairmont Avenue in Bethesda a little after 2 in the afternoon. The cashier was nice enough to give me the combo price ($8.99) for a Naked Burger, fries and a drink. They take your name, give you a cup (for your soda) and ask you to take a seat. By now, it was almost 2:30; and the restaurant was 3/4 full (impressive.) Given the dining area's tight fit, I took a seat at the window. Unfortunately, the stools are hard to sit on... They're small and don't have a foot rest. So much for comfort.

Service is stellar: My hot dog came first, and my burger arrived almost on cue once I had finished eating my appetizer. I ordered my burger cooked MEDIUM, but I found it dry and charred. It was also extremely messy (way too much shredded lettuce) which killed any chance of extra credit for good looks. The meat had a strange kick, and was cooked unevenly (almost raw in some parts, well-done near the top.) For a half-pounder, the potato bun should have been bigger/more stable.

The Belgian-style fries were pretty good, but wound up carrying the meal when I dipped them in Bold Bite's delicious cilantro-lime house sauce. You get one sauce on the house, but I'd gladly hand over another $.75 to try Arugula Pesto, the House aioli or Smokin' Hot (that sounds like they mean business, doesn't it?)

Good service and fries aren't enough to paint a prettier picture when it comes to the main attractions at Bold Bite. The stools are uncomfortable enough to keep me from coming back when it's near capacity; and my burger was so bad, I wouldn't try another one... even if it was free.

Atmosphere: B- (Not very comfortable to dine in, but good service soothes the pain.)
Burger: D (Close to a complete disaster.)
Fries: B (Love the sauce!)
Service: B (Thanks for extending the combo discount past lunchtime.)
Value: B (I got a burger, dog, fries and a soda for under $13 with tax. Nice.)
Overall: C (As far as burgers go, below average.)