Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pizza Hut Food Review

Pizza Hut's Personal Pan Pizza (with sausage)

The Best $3.25 Pizza in America?

I dare you to find a better lunchtime deal in the nation's capital than Pizza Hut's carry out Personal Pan Pizza. Did I just say Pizza Hut? Yes indeed. I bought a 6" sausage pie yesterday at their 1990 M Street, NW location for just $3.25! Toss in a 20 oz. bottle of Diet Pepsi for $1.50 and you have the ultimate five buck lunch.

Before you run down there (they're open 11-11 daily, an hour later on Friday & Saturday nights) keep in mind this is still Pizza Hut. Don't expect to be magically transported to Italy; but if you like your pizza American style (gooey cheese, thick crust) you could do a lot worse.

I've always found this particular block (between 19th & 20th Streets on M) less than desirable; but if you're willing to overlook the occasional guy who comes in to only use the bathroom, this particular Pizza Hut space is pretty good. The dining area is spacious with plenty of tables, and tidy. I had to wait for a sales associate to finish a phone order, but she was friendly and attentive afterwards. I appreciated the heads-up about the 10-minute wait, and the finished product proved well worth it.

Presented in a cardboard box, my pizza was small but piping hot. Come to think of it, 6" isn't all that small. The crust was thick and crusty with gooey cheese (as advertised.) Overall, it had a nice shine to it... and had more sausage than a large pie at Vace. Did I mention it cost $3.25? The 20 oz. bottle of pop cost less than it would at CVS or Walgreen's. Color me impressed.

Atmosphere: C+ (I was able to eat in peace, not far from my final destination. What more do you need?)
Service: B
Crust: B-
Toppings: B-
Value: A+ ($3.25!)
Overall: B (If I worked nearby, I'd stop by once a week.)