Friday, February 8, 2013

Subway Puts Their Stamp on Pizza

Sausage Pizza at Subway

Subway makes the bulk of its' money on 6" and footlong sandwiches; but it's nice to know that's not all they have to offer. Craving a hot pizza? No problem, as Subway does pizza too. 8" pies run an ultra-affordable $4.50 and $5 respectively: The extra $.50 gets you pepperoni or sausage. Better still, they're pretty darn good to boot.

While their prepared-in-advance crust is admittedly doughy, you can't argue with your choice of fresh toppings. I kept it simple... adding onions and tomatoes, and asking for an extra minute in the oven (to make it crispy.) The result is a quick (less than five minutes) and tasty alternative to Subway's sandwiches, some of which cost more than the pizza.

I was lucky to order my pie at perhaps the best Subway franchise in all of DC, Mazza Gallerie (5300 Wisconsin Ave., NW.) The employees there, know how to treat their customers properly. My pizza came with a generous supply of sausage, and they were more than happy to accomodate my request for a longer cooking time. The extra minute helped, but I'll probably ask for two next time.

The crust was doughy, but chewy enough to be good. The fresh tomatoes made the pizza: I can't wait to add another topping or two (something spicy) next time. For five bucks, it's a steal.

Atmosphere: B+ (Great staff, spotless dining area.)
Service: A (Over 100 visits, and only one negative experience.)
Crust: C- (Definitely the weakest link. Needs more time to "crisp up.")
Toppings: B+ (Can you think of another place that doesn't charge per topping?)
Value: A (Five bucks? Priceless.)
Overall: B (I've had bad pizzas at different Subways; but the folks at Mazza must know something they don't. More filling than a sandwich.)