Monday, February 11, 2013

Ledo Pizza Food Review

Sausage & Pepperoni Craft Pizza

Ledo Pizza: Stay Clear of the Burgers

I used to run up the street years ago to Ledo Pizza, for their unique (and then delicious) rectangular pizza. Back then, it was located at 4400 Connecticut Avenue, NW (home now to Tesoro.) Nowadays, I have to trek out to the suburbs for my Ledo fix... specifically 10301 Westlake Drive in Bethesda, next door to Montgomery Mall. My visits now, are few and far between: Let's just say that Ledo's hasn't exactly "kept up with the times."

Though big and spacious, the dining area looks straight out of the '80s: They still use plates with their name on them. I received a hearty welcome when I walked in. At 2:30 in the afternoon, I practically had the whole place to myself (save for some loser, dispensing IT advice on his iPhone... Nice office buddy!) I grabbed a booth (nice and big, with plenty of room to sit comfortably) and gave my order just minutes after sitting down. I received a giant glass of Diet Pepsi and had no trouble redeeming a coupon for a complimentary 8" cheese pizza (get yours by signing up for Ledo's email club. It's free.) I asked for two additional toppings ($.75 each) and ordered a second lunch (review two birds with one stone) a hamburger combo (with french fries) for $6.49.

Hamburger Combo

Service was courteous and efficient throughout. I didn't have long to wait for my food; but I didn't enjoy what I ate. For starters, the burger combo plate looked and tasted terrible. Who cuts a hamburger in half, especially a small one? Ciabatta bread makes a curious choice (way too hard) to wrap a burger... and the burger itself was fried and gross (remember high school cafeteria food?) Combined with dull and flavorless fries (on a giant plate) I was totally unimpressed.

My pizza looked great: Pre-sliced into nine convenient squares, it's a cinch to handle. The thin, flaky crust is (and always has been) really good; Ditto for the sausage. The cheese was too thick for my liking, and there were way too many red onions (after all, I have to go back to work.) Also, my pie could have used at least 2-3 more minutes in the oven. I only had room for two slices; but that was enough to offer the following grades...

Atmosphere: B- (Dated, but roomy.)
Burger: F (Yuck)
Fries: D-
Pizza: C+ (Nice crust and sausage. Generously sized)
Price: B+ (For just over 10 bucks, I got two lunches and a big soda.)
Service: B (Friendly and quick.)
Overall: C- (Good coupons and service can't trump the worst hamburger combo in the DC Metropolitan area.)