Sunday, February 3, 2013

Roy Rogers Food Review

1/4 lb. Hamburger and French Fries

I'd Travel 35 Miles for One of Your Smiles... and Burgers

You won't get a more biased opinion from this reviewer than the following critique of Roy Rogers. There, I said it: Let there be no confusion... I love Roy Rogers! In a perfect world, Roys would never have turned into Hardee's (and back again in 1992) and then McDonald's (shudder) four years later. I could still order my beloved hamburgers locally, and dress them up to my heart's content at the Fixin's bar. I would weigh 400 pounds (maybe not so perfect.)

With no DC outlets, I'm resigned to occasional visits to Frederick (home to Roy's corporate HQs) Lakeforest Mall and Manassas. Not convenient, but better than nothing. The Manassas outlet, located 35 miles away at 8699 Sudley Road is still relatively new, spotless and a testament to why Roy's should return within DC's city limits.

I purchased a 1/4 lb. Hamburger Combo with Holster fries and a large soda for $6.59 and waited anxiously. Anxiously? Yes, I take my meals at Roy Rogers very seriously. When dining in, Roy's serves your burger and fries open (no foil for the burger, no Holster for the fries.) I'm old school and want my Holster! Note to self: Ask for Holster next time (avoid hours of agony afterwards.)

After sitting down, I took a moment to case the joint out. The dining area is gorgeous, with a Coca-Cola Freestyle dispenser, flat screen TVs and free Wi-Fi. The staff is collectively attentive and courteous (the manager even stopped by our table to check in on us.) When was the last time a manager stopped by your table at Burger King or Wendy's? As for the food, how can you do better than a Roy's hamburger? A buttered bun and unlimited fixin's, together with a tasty burger? Sounds like culinary perfection to me. The fries were good too (but better inside the Holster... and yes, I know I'm a little nuts.)

I used to make room for 3-4 burgers per visit in the past, but I'm slowing down as I get older. That said, I must admit to ordering a second burger for dessert (my buddy took the fries and drink.) In case you were curious... it was equally delicious. Who's the biggest Roy's fan on Earth? This guy (pointing to myself.)

Atmosphere: A (Best lookin' fast food franchise in the area.)
Burger: A (Do you have to ask?)
Fries: B
Service: B+
Value: A (I'd pay double... enough said.)
Overall: A (Fast food perfection.)