Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Anatomy of a Cupcake at Baked & Wired

Baked & Wired's Carrot Cake cakecup

My brother Brian has often sang the praises of Georgetown's Baked & Wired. Until yesterday, I had never even tried it. Perhaps I was turned off by the long lines that stretched outside their front door on the weekends; but after devouring a Carrot Cake cakecup, all I can say is... Shame on me, for arriving late to the party.

Long lines don't always mean great things; but in this case, they do. Baked & Wired wins you over with great customer service and an assortment of glass display cases surrounding some of the tastiest-looking cupcakes ever. After much debate, I settled on Carrot Cake, a moist, spicy concoction slathered in cream cheese frosting and adorned with chopped pecans. Just $3.50, this cakecup is huge. It's sensibly served atop a plate and napkin, encouraging dining in. I ate mine outside (yes, they have outdoor seating) and was delighted to find incredibly moist pecans and shredded carrots inside the aforementioned delicious cake. The pecans were so moist, I mistook them for raisins (When I asked, one of the friendly cashiers politely corrected me.)

The frosting is out of this world, and the cake is somehow wrapped perfectly in a wax paper mold that slips off to unveil one of the prettiest cupcakes in town. Meet the best cakecup/cupcake inside the city limits.

Appearance: A+
Atmosphere: B+ (It's like visiting Olde Towne Alexandria... nice and homey.)
Cake: A (Soooo moist.)
Icing: A (Literally gushing with cream cheese frosting.)
Value: A
Overall: A (Just a step behind Buzz... thanks to long waits on Saturday & Sunday.)