Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Original Jumbo Slice?

Nestled between Tryst Coffeehouse and The Diner in Adams Morgan sits Pizza Boli's... home of the jumbo slice (in this reviewer's opinion.) Admittedly not much to look at, inside its small confines... It's what goes on behind the counter that makes Pizza Boli's so special.

Few questions generate more heated debate than who has DC's best jumbo slice; but I'm happy with both Boli's and its nearby rival Pizza Mart for different reasons. Pizza Mart is gooier and greasier than Boli's (not to mention a whole lot messier.) Both hit the spot if you've had a couple of drinks at one of the many drinking spots in the neighborhood; but I like to judge my pizza sober.

Pizza Boli's sausage jumbo slice

I prefer Boli's because (a) it's easier to handle, (b) a little cheaper ($5.50 vs. $6 for a slice of sausage) and (c) friendlier. I ordered mine (pictured above) to go, and they placed it in a sturdy take away box (the slice is so big, it curls at the bottom... in order to fit inside the box.) Toppings are so-so. I like the sausage, which I'm happy to report comes in generous supply. I wish the crust was crispier; but that would probably make handling it, close to impossible. It's more than enough for one person, and sure beats paying double the price for a whole pie somewhere else. It gets better, the more drinks you've had; but it's pretty darn good on its own as well.

Atmosphere: D (It's Adams Morgan... What were you expecting?)
Service: B (There's not much interaction, but they couldn't be nicer.)
Crust: C
Toppings: C
Value: A- (The equivalent of a medium pizza for just over five bucks? Sold!)
Overall: B (More satisfying than delicious, Pizza Boli's still makes my favorite jumbo slice in DC.)