Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bobby's Burger Palace Food Review

BBP Still Great, Despite Slip-Ups

I make no secret of my affinity for Bobby's Burger Palace: It's one of my three favorite places to grab a burger in all of DC. But nowadays, there's no room for resting on one's laurels. That said, it's important to follow-up from time to time... just to see what's doin'. My latest visit found room for improvement; but I still walked away all smiles.

I arrived at 4:30 this afternoon, dodging the lunch and dinner crowds. Warm and inviting as always, I immediately felt at home. Initially, I was only going to order a shake to go; but one glimpse at the menu, and I simply had to switch gears, eat in and add to my order. I asked for a Palace Classic Burger, fries and a pistachio shake (with whipped cream.) My order totaled $16.23, more than fair for the quality in return. My cashier/order taker couldn't have been nicer, but steered me in the wrong direction with regards to how my burger was supposed to be cooked. I asked for MEDIUM, which I always get at BBP; but she warned me that the meat would be completely pink, and if I wanted just a little pink... I should go for MEDIUM-WELL. I thanked her, and followed her recommendation (more on that later.)

After grabbing a seat in their immaculate dining area, I went to inspect their bathroom. Sorry to say, it was a mess. I washed my hands and got the heck out of there. Clean restrooms are a must, and definitely something they need to work on. Upon returning, I was presented with DC's second best milkshake. OMG, it was delicious. A few minutes later, my food arrived and I immediately dove into BBP's regular fries. Beautifully presented, there's nothing regular about these spuds. Ditto for BBP's Fry Sauce... one of my favorites.

Unfortunately, my burger didn't match my shake and fries (in taste or appearance.) This had to be the first time my plate didn't look appetizing at Bobby's Burger Palace (perhaps a smaller plate would look nicer?) The burger was flavored perfectly (thank you Bobby Flay for emphasizing the importance of spices in a burger) but arrived WELL DONE. I immediately regretted heeding my order taker's recommendation... a mistake I won't repeat, I assure you. The bun was nice and soft with a light char, and held the burger nicely. Toppings were fresh and delicious.

Despite an overdone piece of meat, I thoroughly enjoyed my early dinner. BBP offers as nice an atmosphere as you could hope for. Servers are quick, attentive and friendly. Bobby's Burger Palace remains one of my favorite places to eat, and should be yours too.

Atmosphere: B+ (not counting the restroom)
Burger: C+ (Flavor is delicious, but WELL DONE is not WELL received.)
Fries: A-
Price: B
Overall: B+ (I love eating here, but mistakes still need to be corrected.)