Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Slice of U Street

I don't get down to the U Street corridor all that often; but it's nice to know I can still commandeer a tasty slice while waiting for a show to start. Manny & Olga's at 1841 14th Street, NW provides slices of piping hot pizza (cheese and/or pepperoni) to hungry music and theater lovers... up to 4 AM (5 on Friday-Saturday.) I'm not sure who to thank more... Manny or Olga.

Let's not get carried away: Manny & Olga's pizza is far from delicious, but it's more than adequate. I arrived at the Source Theater (directly next door) almost 30 minutes early... not nearly enough time to grab a burger at nearby Black & Orange or Matchbox; but more than enough to fork over $3.85 for a hearty slice of pepperoni pizza. The space is tiny, but actually has room to sit or stand and eat fast. Ordering is far from easy: The man in charge stays busy behind the counter, taking nonstop orders over the phone. When my slice arrived (in a box... nice!) I was delighted with its size (BIG) and temperature (HOT!) It was just greasy enough to be interesting and had a nice, gooey taste to it. I'd have preferred a crispier crust, but it's hard to be choosy in such a setting. It's hardly a destination spot, but when time is of the essence... Bon appetit.

: D (It's better than eating outside... in the cold.)
Service: C- (Takes a while to grab their attention, but they get you in & out pretty quick.)
Crust: C (Not crispy enough for me.)
Toppings: B (8 pieces of pepperoni. Cheese and sauce plenty tasty.)
Taste: B (I was really hungry, so hardly an impartial grade.)
Overall: B- (For 14th & T Streets, pretty darn good.)