Saturday, December 15, 2012

Pumpernickel's: More Than Just Bagels

Sausage pizza at Pumpernickel's

Chevy Chase Circle is a unique neighborhood with its fair share of individuality. Finding a proper slice of pizza is no easy task. Thankfully, there's Pumpernickel's Bagelry & Delicatessen, an institution of sorts... the kind of place that's been around forever and looks exactly the way it did a couple of decades ago. The service is hit or miss: You get the feeling that they're not worried about ticking off a customer or two. Their bagels and hot breakfasts are pretty darn good, but I was all about the pizza today.

I purchased a slice of sausage for three bucks, tax included. I regret saying no to having it heated up, but it wound up being a pretty good slice of pizza nonetheless. The crust is neither too thick or thin, but a little on the doughy side. The sausage toppings were outstanding, and plentiful enough I suppose. I found the sauce zesty but was disappointed with Pumpernickel's lackluster processed cheese. Overall, nothing special... but good enough for Chevy Chase.

Atmosphere: C (It's homey, and the outdoor seating is a plus.)
Service: C-
Crust: C- (Hard to remember, except it's doughy.)
Toppings: B (Really good sausage, but cheese disappoints.)
Taste: C+
Overall: C (Thinner crust and improved cheese would make this slice a true contender.)