Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Anatomy of Curbside Cupcakes

Curbside Cupcakes' Egg Nog cupcake

Curbside Cupcakes takes a mobile approach to cupcakery... making their mark in and around the nation's capital, via its fleet of familiar pink trucks. I suppose it's fun to check their website to see if they're coming to a corner near you; but I prefer a sure thing. I headed over to CC's kiosk at Pentagon City for a more grounded version of one of the area's most popular cakes.

Ideally located on the ground floor of Pentagon City, Curbside Cupcakes provides a sweet alternative to the mall's otherwise tiresome food court options. I went with one of their Egg Nog offerings... definitely one of the more creative choices I've seen of late. You can't argue with the price ($3, half a dozen for $15, a dozen for $27) and they look good to boot. It doesn't taste like egg nog per se, but it's nice. The egg nog-flavored cake tasted closer to carrot cake actually; and was equal parts dry and moist (don't ask me how.) It's topped with (real) rum buttercream icing, that's thick and cold with just a hint of alcohol. Overall, a pretty good cupcake... although I'd prefer all parts moist.

Customer service was strong (working in the open at that mall is no picnic) and I was given a customer appreciation card that offers you a free cupcake after 10 single purchases. Nice! Best of all, no waiting in line outside.

Appearance: B+
Store Atmosphere: B- (It's smack in the middle of a bustling shopping mall, but impressive for a kiosk.)
Cake: C (Too dry for me, plus it doesn't necessarily taste like egg nog.)
Icing: B+ (Tasty, and lots of it.)
Value: B
Overall: B (I'm being generous; but appearance and icing trump a semi-dry cake.)