Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Anatomy of a Safeway Cupcake

Safeway's Raspberry Rhapsody

Safeway? Isn't that a grocery store? It is, but not all cupcakes are born in fancy boutiques. We decided to try out a few cakes from local grocers, and see if they were... up to scratch. Here's what we found.

Safeway's bakery had a modest selection of cupcakes and I picked the best looking of the lot. The Raspberry Rhapsody is rich chocolate cake covered in raspberry buttercream frosting and topped off with a fresh raspberry garnish. Safeway takes their garnishes pretty seriously, as the young lady behind the counter asked if she could replace mine with a fresh one. Now that's what I call customer service. Unfortunately, she didn't replace the cake which was as dry as the Sahara Desert. Oh well, she still gets an A for effort.

As bad as the cake was, the icing turned out to be surprisingly tasty. The fresh raspberry was a nice touch, and the buttercream frosting light and fluffy. It's too bad about the cake... this cupcake had a chance to be pretty darn good.

Appearance: B (I like the layers of creamy topping.)
Store Atmosphere: C (Gee wiz, it's a grocery store.)
Cake: F (Dreadful. Unbelievably dry, I have to wonder how old it was.)
Icing: B
Value: B ($1.99 is pretty cheap for a good looking cupcake... Too bad about the cake itself.)
Overall: D+ (Great customer service and nice icing can't rescue a disastrous cake.)