Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fuddruckers Food Review

Fuddruckers Takes Chain Dining to New Heights

When was the last time you were impressed... truly impressed by a chain restaurant? For some, The Cheesecake Factory jumps to mind; for others (like me) Outback Steakhouse reigns supreme. Well, hold the phone: There's a new kid in town, and it's not even new... Fuddruckers!

Fuddruckers? Really? Yes, Fuddruckers. It's been awhile since I set foot in one (Dupont Circle, in the space now occupied by Shake Shack) but am I glad I did. It was just after 8:30 P.M. and the restaurant was relatively quiet. I placed my order (2/3 lb. Fudds Prime Deal) with a friendly cashier who took my name and handed me a cup for my fountain drink. The seating area was clean, including the ample market fresh produce bar and soda area. After 13 minutes, my name was called and I picked up my impressive-looking burger and fries combo. The fixins were fantastic (they even had salsa) and reminded me of Roy Rogers (only better.) Bonus points for a varied soda selection (I went with Minute Maid Light Lemonade.)

Once I got to eating, the true joy began: This is one heck of a burger. For starters, it's humongous. Two-thirds of a pound is a lot of meat. The buttered bun (made from scratch) is without equal (tops in DC) and the burger meat delicious. The toppings were fresh (not bad for 8:30 at night) and the fries scrumptious: For one thing, these are no ordinary fries... they're wedges. Cooked and seasoned perfectly, they're right up there with Ollie's Trolley and Bobby's Burger Palace as best in DC. All this for $9.79 + tax. Awesome!

The area gets dicey at night (Gallery Place is a magnet for rowdy teens, especially on weekends.) A few years ago, it got so bad that Fuddruckers was forced to lock their doors (while remaining open for business.) The situation seems to have improved of late, but it pays to keep an eye out for potential trouble. I'd hate for you to miss out on a dining experience like I had tonight. Welcome back Fuddruckers!

Atmosphere: B+ (There were a few too many employees hanging out in the dining area, but who can blame them... the food here is great)
Burger: A+ (I asked for MEDIUM, got MEDIUM-WELL; but it was still juicy and delicious. Awesome bun and unlimited fixins earn this burger an A+)
Fries: A
Price: A+ (How can you argue with great food for under 10 bucks?)
Service: B+
Overall: A (The only question is... can they repeat this near-perfect performance next time?)