Monday, November 5, 2012

Five Guys Food Review

Five Reasons to Visit Five Guys

If this were a popularity contest, Five Guys Burger and Fries would win the title of DC's best burger in a landslide. Popularity aside, this place makes a darn good burger, as I rediscovered during a visit to their Dupont Circle location at 1645 Connecticut Avenue, NW.

I've had many a meal here, and can't remember a bad one in the lot. Great value, good taste and outgoing staff make Five Guys a no-brainer for a quick and satisfying lunch or late dinner. It may not be the best tasting burger in town, but it's consistent and reliable (two important qualities in a budget burger joint.)

Tonight's visit began as most do... with an enthusiastic greeting from the cashier/order taker. I ordered my usual burger with ketchup and onions (two patties is the norm; single patty little burgers are available too.) A regular order of cajun style fries and a free cup of water rounded out my order. Grand total $9.55

I treated myself to some free shelled peanuts (one of Five Guys' staple perks) at my table. Lively music (a mix of 70's, 80's and current hits) played at a high volume (probably my only complaint about eating here.) My two dozen or so fellow customers eating inside, all looked happy. Minutes later, my number was called and I began feeding.

Five Guys' fries are the talk of town, and with good reason. It starts with the potato's roots... splashed on display above the free peanuts. Today's spud was brought to you by 3G Farming in Warden, Washington. Plentiful and well-seasoned, the fries are delicious and rank just below Ollie's Trolley and Bobby's Burger Palace in taste... and on their own planet in terms of value for the buck: I couldn't imagine ordering a large; and I have a pretty big appetite.

The burger falls short on appearance (they always look squashed for some reason) but delivers big on taste. No freezers, only coolers means fresh burgers. The bun is grilled, crispy and delicious; I actually ate the last pieces of bread by themselves! Five Guys is a hearty step above Z-Burger as the king of budget burgers and just a step behind Bobby's Burger Palace for the area's best fast burger spot.

Atmosphere: B- (Gets a little loud, especially at lunch)
Burger: B
Fries: B+ (Nobody gives you more fries for your dollar)
Price: A
Service: B+
Overall: B+ (Great value, really good food.)