Sunday, November 25, 2012

DC Shot of the Day: Tomáš Masaryk Memorial

Tomáš Masaryk Memorial

Embassy Row on Massachusetts Avenue is home to a number of memorials and statues, most of which make for good photographs... even if you've never heard of the people they're honoring. Take the Tomáš Masaryk Memorial at Massachusetts & Florida Avenues at Q & 22nd Streets in NW Washington. How many of you knew that Tomáš Masaryk was the founder and first President of Czechoslovakia (after declaring independence in 1918?) Think about it: He's the Czech version of George Washington (without the $1 bill, crossing the Delaware River and all that other good stuff.)

The statue was dedicated on September 19, 2002 with Czech Republic President Václav Havel and former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright in attendance. The surrounding Masaryk Park was dedicated almost six months later.

Pictured above is a shot taken earlier today, and below one captured earlier this year in April (less artsy.)

Tomáš Masaryk Memorial