Friday, November 16, 2012

Chadwicks Food Review

Chadwicks Burger

Chadwicks: Not the Happiest of Hours

Chadwicks at 5247 Wisconsin Avenue, NW has been around for what seems like forever... 1982 to be exact; and unfortunately (or fortunately, if you're a regular) hasn't changed a lick since. I've had countless burgers and pints over the years... none necessarily memorable, but all of them successful at "getting the job done." I thought it was high time to put them to test... review style.

Weekdays between 4 and 7 are the perfect time to hit Chadwicks: That's when you can take advantage of their 1/2 price appetizers and $2.95 house wines, longnecks and rail drinks for happy hour(s.) In addition to my Chadwicks Burger with fries, I grabbed an order of their Fried Zucchini (normally $7.95.) The restaurant was quite busy, even before 6:00 PM. My server was clearly overwhelmed, but at least had the courtesy to warn me of the relatively poor service to follow (gee, thanks.) I placed my order and waited...

About 15 minutes later, my greasy sticks (oops, I mean zucchini sticks) arrived: I wish they hadn't. Fried batter, soaked in grease with an itsy bit of zucchini isn't my idea of a good appetizer. Another 15 minutes passed before I got my burger, and my subpar dining experience continued. A handful of pedestrian fries sat next to an utterly forgettable burger... one of the saddest looking plates of food I've seen at Chadwicks. I ordered my burger MEDIUM, but it was cooked closer to WELL-DONE. It had no seasoning whatsoever, and was wrapped inside an ice cold bun. It's fairly priced at $8.95; but I couldn't finish half of it. Just as well, since nobody refilled my water glass the entire time I was there (about 45 minutes.)

The restaurant itself is dated but comfortable. Service is usually better (especially during lunch) but it's hard to recommend coming here... especially after tonight's disappointment.

Atmosphere: B- (Dining area had a nice buzz about it, and the restaurant is usually very clean.)
Burger: D+ (Pictures don't lie... Just look at it. At least the toppings were fresh.)
Fries: D- (Fries should be hot, crispy and in generous supply... These were none of the above.)
Price: B (Hard to argue with 1/2 price appetizers and $9 for a burger and fries.)
Service: D- (It wasn't that busy... Man up, and take better care of your customers!)
Overall: D (One of my worst experiences at Chadwicks. Happy hour? I don't think so.)