Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Anatomy of a Cupcake at Buzz Bakery & Lounge

Pumpkin Cupcake at Buzz

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner. For the past six weeks, I've sampled cupcakes from the area's best; but none come close to topping my experience earlier today at Buzz (818 N. Quincy Street in Arlington, Virginia.)

From its inviting storefront (see below) to its cozy confines, Buzz is nothing short of a zen-like experience. Relaxing music engulfs you the moment you step inside, where you're greeted by not one but two friendly associates. Incredibly spacious, there's loads of places to sit. The cupcakes are displayed impeccably with attractive, easy to read descriptions. Each cake looks better than the next, but I went for the Pumpkin Cupcake ('tis the season, right?) Pumpkin cake, cream cheese buttercream frosting and candied pepitas. Yum! Friendly associate #2 rang me up, suggested I help myself to a cup of water (nice touch) and placed my cupcake on a plate (talk about red carpet treatment!)

The cupcake is gorgeous to look at, and tastes sublime. It was beyond moist. The icing almost perfect (great, subtle crunch from the pepitas) not too sweet, and velvety in texture. And get this, each one only costs $2.75 (same as Georgetown Cupcake, but bigger.) As far as I'm concerned, Buzz is the standard to which all other cupcake establishments should be judged. Perfect.

Appearance: A-
Store Atmosphere: A+
Cake: A+
Icing: A-
Value: A+
Overall: A+