Friday, September 15, 2017

Starbucks Hot Breakfast Review

Starbucks is best known for its coffee, but did you know they have 14 (yes, 14!) hot breakfast options? 10 of those are sandwich/wraps, which cost between $4-5 per. Choices abound (bacon, chorizo, ham, sausage... even steak) and you can customize them too (i.e. no cheese, etc.) We tried five of 'em on for size, and (with one notable exception) couldn't be happier.

Double-Smoked Bacon, Cheddar & Egg Breakfast Sandwich: Best bread (Starbucks' signature croissant) and two strips of delicious bacon. Said bacon is advertised as thick-cut (which it isn't) but it's so nice & salty, you probably won't mind. Near-perfect texture, affordable and our hands-down favorite.

Grade: A  (As good great as it gets.)

Double-Smoked Bacon, Cheddar & Egg Breakfast Sandwich

Sausage, Cheddar & Egg Breakfast Sandwich: Disappointing. Very disappointing. For starters, the English Muffin is neither buttered or toasted. The result? Dry and soft, with almost no flavor. Toss in a lack of saltiness, and you have our least favorite Starbucks sandwich. Cue chorus of boos.

Grade: D- (This close to an F.)

Sausage, Cheddar & Egg Breakfast Sandwich

Seared Steak, Egg & Tomatillo Wrap: Pricey, but absolutely delectable. Caramelized onions provide a nice kick, and the steak is top-notch (and plentiful.) Arrives piping hot, and easy to handle with a nice toasty exterior. Creamy egg filling too. P.S. Bonus points for no cheese.

Grade: A-

Seared Steak, Egg & Tomatillo Wrap

Slow-Roasted Ham, Swiss & Egg Breakfast Sandwich: I'm pretty sure you could put anything inside Starbucks' signature flaky croissant, and call it a home run. That's certainly true of their slow-roasted Italian-style ham (all three delectable slices of it.) It's a bit fatty along the edges, but not too salty, and pairs wonderfully with the aforementioned croissant and fried egg patty. De-licious!

Grade: B+

Spicy Chorizo, Monterey Cheese & Egg Breakfast Sandwich: Very spicy

Can you say spicy? This chorizo is on fire (in a good way!) Served on a chewy potato roll, but it's not plain (which adds even more flavor.) Lots of fiber and protein, but beware... 860mg sodium in one sandwich.

GradeB (If you like it hot, look no further.)

Spicy Chorizo, Monterey Cheese & Egg Breakfast Sandwich